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  • Access to Arts Education in New Orleans Public Schools

    Events | December 11, 2019

    New Orleans is a culturally rich city where artistic expression is an essential component of community identity and the local economy. Arts education, therefore, is important to shaping that artistic expression and passing down the city’s c…

  • Teacher Power and the Politics of Union Organizing in Charter Schools

    Events | November 13, 2019

    Research Team: Jamie Haynes, University of Texas at Austin; Sara Slaughter, Education Research Alliance for New Orleans One key difference between charter schools and traditional public schools is that teachers in charter schools are rarel…

  • New Orleans Citywide Youth Survey Results Preview

    Events | September 11, 2019

    Research Team: Alica Gerry and Douglas N. Harris, Education Research Alliance for New Orleans Most of the studies from ERA-New Orleans address administrative data, such as test scores, high school graduation, discipline, transfer, and enro…

  • ERA-New Orleans announces new partnership in early education research

    News | August 28, 2019

    We've established the New Orleans Early Education Research Alliance (NOEERA), a partnership with representatives from the New Orleans Public Schools, and the New Orleans Early Education Network.

  • How is New Orleans School Performance Evolving, and Why?

    Publications | August 20, 2019

    A new study by Douglas N. Harris, Lihan Liu, Alica Gerry, and Paula Arce-Trigatti examines how school quality and program offerings are changing in New Orleans.