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This is a past event

What Does All This Mean for Urban School Reform and Public Policy?

The Urban Education Future?
Lessons from New Orleans 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina -- Videos are now available on our conference page.
Date & Time
Saturday, June 20, 2015
11:30am–1:00 pm
Session Type
James Shelton, Moderator Douglas N. Harris, Research Presenter Howard Fuller, Panelist Rick Hess, Panelist Neerav Kingsland, Panelist Helen Ladd, Panelist Randi Weingarten, Panelist
Sheraton Hotel
Room: Grand Ballroom ABC
500 Canal St.
New Orleans LA 70130 Map and directions

The live webcast will be available on our livestream page shortly before it starts.

What do the findings and discussion mean for New Orleans, and for the rest of the country? Under what circumstances might the New Orleans model make sense in other places—and, in other cases, not make sense? Do the New Orleans findings tell us anything about the basic strategies embodied in the New Orleans reforms, especially, test-based and market-based accountability?

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