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Era-New Orleans to release second paper in Urban Education series

March 23, 2015

"How Do School Leaders Respond to Competition? Evidence From New Orleans" is the second paper released by Era-New Orleans, and written by Huriya Jabbar, assistant professor at UT-Austin and research associate at Era-New Orleans.

This paper, “How Do School Leaders Respond to Competition? Evidence From New Orleans” will examine how school leaders respond to competition from other schools, and how principals change what they offer in order to retain and attract new students.

New Orleans’ school system, forced by Hurricane Katrina to reinvent itself a decade ago, was restructured mostly with independently operated charter schools — a drastic shift that challenged all schools to improve in order to compete for students. Now, this report, which will be made public March 26, adds new information for policy discussions about competition generated by school choice — how school leaders in New Orleans perceive competition, what strategies they implement to attract and retain students, and how these perceptions and strategies have molded the market.

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