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New Publications in Harvard Journal, Education Next

August 11, 2015

The Harvard policy journal Education Next published three of our articles as part of a special issue on the New Orleans school reforms 10 years after Hurricane Katrina.

“Good News for New Orleans” (Douglas N. Harris). This article summarizes the effects of the reforms on achievement, as well as other key findings from the ERA-New Orleans team.

“Many Options in New Orleans” (Paula Arce-Trigatii, Douglas N. Harris, Jane Lincove, and Huriya Jabbar). This article summarizes our analysis of the variety of school characteristics available in New Orleans.

“The New Orleans OneApp” (Douglas N. Harris, Jon Valant, and Betheny Gro(ss). This describes and analyzes how the OneApp works, what goals it aims to achieve, and provides some analysis of how well it is working.

The longer technical versions of these papers will also be released soon.