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Russell Rumberger

Professor of Education, University of California, Santa Barbara

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Russell Rumberger is a Professor in the Department of Education, University of California, Santa Barbara. His research focuses on: education and work; the schooling of disadvantaged students, particularly school dropouts and linguistic minority students; and school effectiveness. He has served on three National Research Council committees. He co-authored the USDOE Dropout Prevention Practice Guide (2008). He is author of Dropping Out: Why Students Drop Out of High School and What Can Be Done About It (Harvard University Press, 2011). He currently directs the California Dropout Research Project. Professor Rumberger received a Ph.D. in Education and a M.A. in Economics from Stanford University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University. In 2013 he was made a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association and received the Elizabeth G. Cohen Distinguished Career in Applied Sociology of Education Award, Sociology of Education SIG, American Educational Research Association.

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