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Conference Participant

Patrick Dobard

Superintendent, Louisiana Recovery School District

Patrick Dobard, a 24-year career educator, started out as a social studies teacher in New Orleans, LA.

In January of 2012, Dobard was named Superintendent of the Louisiana Recovery School District (RSD). His work prior to this appointment led to many systems level changes that has allowed RSD schools in New Orleans, since 2007, see the percentage of students in RSD schools at grade level more than double from 23% to 57% and the percentage of students attending a failing public school in New Orleans decrease from 65% in 2008 to 5% in 2014. A native of New Orleans, Patrick Dobard received his B. A. in Secondary Education with a focus in Social Studies from Southern University in New Orleans and an M.A. in History from Southern University in Baton Rouge.

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