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Conference Participant

Michael Cunningham

Professor, Tulane University

Dr. Cunningham's research focuses on resilience and vulnerability in adolescent populations. Using an ecological framework, he has published papers that focus on gender and context specific phenomena associated with mental health and academic outcomes among African Americans. His research examines several issues and themes, such as precursors to bravado attitudes in African American males; school and community associations with adolescent optimism; parental monitoring and social support as buffers to stressful situations; and the relation of racial identity to specific outcomes (e.g., academic & mental health). His research is supported by local and regional collaborative relationships with schools and community organizations. Interdisciplinary understanding is a core value associated with Dr. Cunningham's teaching. His philosophy of learning also includes in-depth analysis of topics from within and across disciplines. His formal training in Developmental Psychology supports this philosophy, as core aspects of human development include understanding how biological, cognitive, and socioemotional components interact to influence human behavior. These core components work together with history, as the time period in which humans develop also informs behaviors and attitudes. These themes are represented in his psychology courses that are cross-listed with ADST (Introduction to African American Psychology, Black Youth: Developmental Psychology Perspectives) as well as special topic courses such as Research Methods in Urban Communities and New Orleans Youth. Further information about Professor Michael Cunningham is available via the Tulane University Department of Psychology.

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