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Conference Participant

Josh Densen

CEO and School Leader, Bricolage Academy of New Orleans

Josh Densen is the CEO and School Leader of Bricolage Academy, a New Orleans charter school with the mission of advancing educational equity and creating innovators who change the world. Josh began his career as a Teach For America Corps Member in Oakland, California in 2000. He relocated to New Orleans to open and lead the local office of The Achievement Network in 2009, a position he held for two years before starting to work on Bricolage, which opened in 2013. Bricolage Academy currently serves grades Pre-Kindergarten and 2nd and will extend to 8th grade by 2019. Josh has two children: Max, who is a 2nd grader at Bricolage, and Ella who is in 4th grade at another charter school in New Orleans. Mr. Densen received his BA from Washington University in St. Louis and his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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