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Conference Participant

Joan Reilly

Head of School, Homer A. Plessy Community School

Joan Reilly graduated from St. Mary’s Dominican College with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and multiple certifications in Special Education. She received her Masters Degree from the University of New Orleans five years later in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Early Childhood. She worked as a hospital homebound teacher her first year, then moved on to Lafayette Elementary where she taught first grade and kindergarten. She found her “home” at Edward Hynes Elementary School where she taught first grade for the next “million” years. In 2003, she became one of two Literacy Facilitators when the district adopted a new reading program. She remained in that position until Hurricane Katrina left the city of New Orleans and her school under 8 or more feet of water. During the 2005-2006 school year, she taught kindergarten at Benjamin Franklin Elementary and helped to re-open Hynes as a type 3 Charter School. In 2006, she became the Literacy Facilitator/Ranking Teacher/Yearbook Coordinator and more, and helped Hynes become one of 30 High Performing/High Poverty schools in the state. Joan plays several instruments including the organ and guitar she and her husband, Kevin, have a daughter (Meghan, 21), a son (Nicholas, 18), and 4 wild and crazy dogs.

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