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Conference Participant

Chaseray Griffin

Senior Supervising Advocate, Southern Poverty Law Center, Louisiana Office

Chaseray Griffin is the Senior Supervising Advocate at the Southern Poverty Law Center Louisiana Office. Chaseray graduated from Loyola University New Orleans in 2008, where he received a BA in Journalism. After graduating, he directed a campaign office in Austin, Texas, which worked to raise money for nonprofit organizations such as the Amnesty International, Save the Children, and the Sierra Club. Since returning to New Orleans in 2010, he has gained valuable experience working with youth as an advocate with the juvenile public defender’s office and, subsequently, as a teacher’s assistant and mentor at a local middle school. In his position now as an advocate with the Southern Poverty Law Center, he primarily represents students with special needs and their parents who face discrimination in the school system . His goal is to help provide all students equal access to meaningful education, and to keep them away from the criminal justice system that continues to marginalize too many young people in our communities.

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